My vision is to develop Loi Hein Co., Ltd. into the leading consumer goods distribution and marketing company in Myanmar.

Being local, we offer the advantage of in depth knowledge of markets, customers and trade. We also understand the trends and forces that will shape our future. Having traveled the world, I have listened, observed and learned to realize the magnitude of growth potential of a virtually untapped market of 50 million + consumers.

Being privately owned, we have the freedom of focusing on achieving our long-term vision without being distracted by everyday challenges.

Our entrepreneurial energy combined with our cautious step-by-step approach has already delivered many successes in the market place - with leadership position in several product categories - and on the football pitch where our team Yadanarbon (www.yadanarbonfc.com) won the first ever Myanmar Football league championship. Success tastes like nothing else and we are determined to deliver more of it.

We are working hard today to be ready for tomorrow and enjoy a bright future with all our partners.

Dr. Sai Sam Htum
Chairman Loi Hein Co., Ltd.